Causes of Difficult Defecation After Childbirth and How to Overcome It

Constipation or constipation can happen to everyone, including those of you who have just given birth. Actually, not defecating a few days after giving birth is a normal thing to happen. However, difficulty defecating after giving birth in a long time cannot be considered trivial. Maybe you think that the stitches you have will be torn or broken, when you push hard when defecating. But if you delay defecating after giving birth, it can cause problems later on. Causes of Difficult Defecation After Childbirth Either giving birth normally or through a caesarean section, you may experience constipation after giving birth. Here are some possible causes of this condition: Stomach is empty when before delivery. Get an enema or have a bowel movement just before giving birth to a baby. High levels of the hormone progesterone in your body during pregnancy and some time after giving birth, can cause constipation. When giving birth, the performance of your digestive system slows down.
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